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Burnley travel to Manchester City tomorrow and home manager Pep Guardiola has probably seen the opposition and spent his time talking about his team scoring more goals.

He’s been delighted with the number of chances his team have created in recent games and said in his press conference: “What is important is in the last games we played we created much more than the opponent.

“Always you are closer to winning if you create more chances. One day we will score the goals, put on the table what we deserve. It’s time to put more players in the box, be positive and it will happen.”

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Asked if they were just one big victory away from getting back in the goals he added: “Maybe, but maybe we do that and then don’t create chances. I don’t think this will change much one game where we score four or five. We need to continue the good feelings and tomorrow try to score goals.”

In terms of goals, we scored our first home goal this week, beating Crystal Palace 1-0 to record our first victory and manager Sean Dyche saw his team move out of the bottom three. “I’ve seen it look better in my time here but you’ve got to get a start point,” he said. “It wasn’t just that game. I think three clean sheets in the last five was a kind of feel of what we were trying to do.

“We are never blessed with making 25-odd chances, but we often carve out some very good ones, which we did against Palace. We didn’t take them all, and on another day hopefully we would, but that was a good sign, because defensively I thought we were solid. Obviously, Popey came into action twice and made one massive save, a very important save, but other than that I thought we defended well, as well as creating some good chances.

“Every year is a big challenge. It’s a re-start as I call it. There’s always an awareness we can have a tough spell in the season. It’s just that this one has come at the very beginning, which isn’t ideal, but we are showing signs of coming through it, that’s the main thing. It doesn’t guarantee the next one, that’s for sure, especially when you’re playing someone with the prowess of Man City, but it’s definitely a building block to move forward and get ourselves back to where we think we can be.”

Dyche added: “I thought we were getting closer to what we expected from the team, performance-wise. I said all along that if you get that right you increase your chances of a win. We got that win. That was good against a Crystal Palace side that was going well. I spoke very early season about the margins and getting on the right side and we did on that occasion.

“We got a nice three points and everyone in this camp reminds themselves of what we do and when we do it we’re effective. That’s what we look to be in our games, effective. If you get your effective football right, we think we can get points on the table, like we’ve shown before.”

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