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Burnley’s season came to an end with former manager Eddie Howe winning the points as Bournemouth came from behind to win 2-1.

Speaking after the game, Howe said: “Today was a great way to finish for us. It was a difficult game and the first half was tough. Burnley made it difficult, but I think the change in the game were the substitutions that were made. Dan Gosling, Callum Wilson and Jermain Defoe were excellent when they came on. I thought they inspired us to another comeback and another good win. It’s a nice way to end the season.

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“I think when we play well, we’re difficult to play against, but it’s hard to find the consistency. I think it eluded us at the start of the season, we had a tough beginning and left ourselves a lot to do. Since Christmas our form has generally been there so we leave the season with good feeling. We know that we can still do better, but we’re happy with the season.

“The feeling that we’re expected to finish in the top half and the fact that we’re not expected to struggle can weigh heavy at times and we haven’t had that until this year. But we came through it and we know what to do if it happens again.”

He had a parting word for his former club too. “Burnley have shown what can be done,” he said. “They started well at Chelsea and have never looked back since so full credit to them and they deserve all the accolades. We wish them well in the Europa League.

“For us, we want to maximise our potential, Whatever level that is, who knows? But, we’ll try and improve year on year.”

It might have all ended in a home defeat, but manager Sean Dyche wanted to talk about the achievement of his team after things had died down this afternoon.

“Your instinct as a manager is to be disappointed when you don’t win a game and particularly in that fashion,” he said. “We gave away two absolutely awful goals, which we don’t do often, but that disappointment will fade quickly because it’s been an amazing season, for me, the board, the staff and players and, of course, the fans and the town.

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“It’s an achievement beyond just the team because you can scramble by in the Premier League and just get enough points on the board. But you can’t do that and finish seventh.

“The players have supplied more than hard work this season; there’s been quality, some great goals and some really big performances from maturing players. There’s been enough good stuff in there to allow us to park today quickly.

“In effect, it was parked for me two or three weeks ago when I sat and started thinking what we need next year and what finance we can use to our effect. That side never stops, but I might allow it to tonight and spend some hours with my family and enjoy a half of lager.”

He added: “The fact is it is an incredible achievement to be in the Europa League with this size of club. There aren’t too many players on our team sheet who have played a lot of Premier League football, never mind European football and they have built a season and deserve massive credit for that.

“Life is such that you are patted on the back for this season, but you are very quickly being judged again and some will be pre-judging the future. I’m used to that and next season we will probably be written off again, as we are every year.

“People look at clubs like ourselves and wonder ‘can they do it again?’ and there are no big statements from me because next season will be another tough one. I can’t see any club other than the top six thinking otherwise and our challenge next season will be to continue to move forwards. That’s it in a nutshell.”






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