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Marcelo Bielsa will be crouching or sitting on his bucket for the first time at Turf Moor tomorrow as he brings his Leeds team to Burnley for our penultimate home game of the season.

Bielsa was full of praise for us and our manager Sean Dyche when he spoke to the press this week. He said: “Burnley is a team that have their style completely defined and developed. Very few times have I seen a team that has their style so defined.

“This is evident, so that this doesn’t seem like it is occasional recognition but the observation of the game of Burnley. It is a team that faces all the different moments within a game and a campaign with a principle plan.

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“They have a style, but the style has certain points and they use all the options that they have in the game. It is not the same of Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood, than to play Matěj Vydra or Jay Rodriguez.

“If you simplify it, you say they play with two forwards, but, if you see how each of those four players play and how the manager articulates them, they have the option to combine one player with any of those three and this generates consequences in the style of the team.

“The fact that Burnley is able to stay loyal to their style of play during any highs and lows in their campaign is admirable.”

Our campaign is over in that we know we will be a Premier League club again next season and Dyche said ahead of this Leeds game: “There are still three games left. I haven’t lost sight of that and we will be focused on those games.

“But it’s fair to say the last period has been tough. It’s been challenging, not so much for the performances levels but we didn’t get the points I felt we deserved out of some of the games, but then in the key ones we have. I think that’s been an important factor for my eight odd years here and it still will be an important factor going forward.

“These players do produce on a regular basis when they really need to and I think they’ve shown that again. Most of it comes down to the players. It always does for me. I’m a massive player fan, getting behind my players, working with them, trusting them. I think they’ve done a remarkable job this year against many, many challenges.”

He added: “The satisfaction comes from a group of players giving their lot again. We’ve had loads of challenges this season. I’ve had my fair share off the pitch, so I’m happy with my performance during that time because it’s been a tougher time than people think, to stay focused on the job.

“We have a group of players and a group of staff who give their lot all the time and that’s an important factor. That will never go out of fashion for me, hard work and maximising your potential as individuals and as a team. Eventually it comes down to players, always for me.

“We can only guide them and try and let them know the things we think will be successful for them. At the end of the day, it comes down to players as individuals and as a team delivering and I think these players deserve a massive amount of credit.”

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