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It was a difficult night for Scott Parker and Fulham. Having steered his team to promotion last season via the play-offs, he’s now seen them relegated with three games remaining.

“I’m hurt, I’m gutted,” he said after the game. “The players are. Everyone has tried everything possible, everyone at the Football Club has done everything in their power to try and stay in this division this year. What’s important is we’re going to have to have these honest conversations about what we need to do. We’ll do that together, and we’ll try and bounce back.

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“There’s been disappointment this year and we need to put our hands up, we need to get around a table, we need to understand where we want to go as a club, what we need to do.”

Asked if he thought this game represented their season, he said: “Probably. I think that’s a fair assessment of tonight’s game. If you’ve not watched us then that game summed us up our year really. Very good at times between the boxes but just fallen short sometimes at both ends. I felt that  was the same tonight. Two poor goals on our behalf and then, for all our good play, those final moments we just lacked that little bit of quality to score a goal.

“I’ve nothing but full respect for my group of players and what they’ve given me this year, in terms of effort and endeavour daily, wanting to improve, wanting to get better, but the facts are that we’ve fallen a little bit short with our quality, hence why we’ve been relegated out of this division.”

While Parker has football at a lower level to look forward to again, Sean Dyche is celebrating Burnley winning a sixth successive season in the Premier League. “I’ve had my challenges here as a manager and this has probably been the most challenging personally,” he said after tonight’s win ensured safety.

“It’s felt like six years, not one and I actually think it’s been my biggest achievement in management. This is the first season I’ve been managing a lot off the pitch and that’s a bigger challenge. On the pitch, things have been pretty clear, although we’ve had lots of injuries, because this lot don’t lack effort for putting sweat on the shirt, but off the pitch it’s been a massive, massive challenge.

“I’ve reflected on it recently and with good measure. We had two points from seven games and in the Premier League you’ve a long way to go from there, so I’m really pleased with the players efforts to maximise their potential and their will to get points on the board. That’s a really big show, to get to where we are now from where we were.

“I’ve never wavered in my belief of the group. I didn’t then and I don’t now, so I am pleased with that from my point of view, but there has been so much work gone in all season and I am really pleased for everyone.

“Some fans say to me they don’t like it when I saw we are punching about our weight, but there’s a reality to what we are as a club. When you look at budgets, pay scales and all the challenges Burnley face, yet the mentality stays firm. from myself, the staff, the players and the fans.

“They haven’t been in stadiums this year and that’s been hard, but I still live in the area a lot of time and I still see fans and speak to them. That’s been a really important part of my journey and the club’s journey, the fans understanding that it’s tough and not losing sight of that.

“Our fans want more and I want more by the way, but they know they’ve got a group here who give their lot and they’ll take that.”

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