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Norwich City will play Burnley in their final home game of the season as manager Daniel Farke prepares his side for another home game in front of empty stands.

It will be the third time he’s faced us this season, the other two coming at Burnley, one in the Premier League and one in the FA Cup but there were crowds there at both those games. “We play football for the supporters,” he said. “So it’s been strange behind closed doors. We’re looking forward to having them back as soon as we can, but it’s important to listen to the experts and maintain strict protocols that have worked well.”

He’s been bringing in young players recently and said: “We have a big reputation for developing young players, but that’s not the reason I play them. I want to improve them. I don’t give any gifts away, but when a young player is prepared I’m not scared to play him.

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“We always want to be in the top 26 clubs in this country. We want to become an established Premier League club. Hopefully we can return as soon as possible and stay for longer than we did this season. We want to break our result curse and say goodbye to this season with top performances and points. Our fans have suffered a lot and we want to make them happy.

“We were hoping we could cope with the challenges more successfully in terms of points. We learn and try to improve in every part of the game every day.”

He spoke about us and said: “Burnley have shown so much consistency and resilience with one loss in 14 games, so it won’t be easy. It’s important to be ourselves. Our ideas are different and we want to play on the front foot.

“Burnley are role models for going down and coming back up. I’m full of praise for Sean’s work. They proved you can come back stronger. Jürgen Klopp was promoted with Mainz, then got relegated, but now look where he and they are.

Having secured 1-1 draws in each of the last two games, and two very tough games, Sean Dyche will want to see his side get back to winning ways if possible tomorrow. What he’s got out of them in such difficult circumstances is outstanding and he said: “I think the team deserve a massive amount of credit because it’s been a tricky season in different ways.

“I’m bereft of superlatives, because at the end of the day we’ve had that many injuries and different challenges with contracts and stuff and they’ve just stayed focused on what the job is and that’s to go hard and deliver performances.

“Popey knows it’s not just the back five. It’s a unit and they’ve been terrific, but in front of that we ask a lot of our centre forwards. We want them to press from the front when we can and we want the midfield to press behind them and the defence to press behind them. If you get that part right you’re trying to limit team’s chances and particularly direct chances. We’ve done really well at times to keeping those golden chances to a minimum.

“If you are operating in a group that keep chances to 25-yards plus, then you and I know that there aren’t going to be many going in. Even with some of the quality in the Premier League, it’s still difficult to score from that distance, particularly when you’ve got a big monster in goal who keeps saving stuff.”

Dyche continued: “The learning curve for me has been really just enhancing the quality of people we work with here. Through lockdown, I think the staff have been fantastic and the players have been outstanding. I trust them with good reason because we’ve got people who work very hard. They know what they’re doing and they’ve got a good skill set and they use it wisely.

“They had focus on coming out of lockdown super fit; even fitter than they would’ve done on a normal pre-season, and I couldn’t be more pleased, for them and for us.

“We’ve just one loss in 14, but before that we had questions on the team and on myself. I look at that as a double edge sword. On the one hand, it’s a sign of respect I think where they’re going its unlike Burnley, but equally it’s a sign of reality in the Premier League. We’re not the most powerful club in the Premier League and that can happen.

“The thing I’m pleased with is that we tend to stay on a level playing field here and not get too high with the highs and not get too low with the lows. We keep the realities for the players and I think during that period when we didn’t get results we actually were performing reasonably. We had to tighten up and the players ultimately went out there and delivered.

“Then we went into lockdown seven unbeaten and on a roll and myself,  I got manager of the month. which was a pleasant occurrence because you’re doing something right if you get that. We’ve come out of it and the lads have been absolutely outstanding.”

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