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Burnley go to Manchester United tonight and last season’s it was this fixture that saw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team drop Premier League points for the first time.

Solskjaer said ahead of tonight’s game: “We played them last year, I think we drew two each, but for me that was the first time I really saw the players’ character. Five minutes left, we’re 2-0 down but we never gave in. We put pressure on them, we scored two late goals and for me that was a great, great learning. We felt the connection between the fans and the players because the fans helped us get that last goal.”

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He added: “Yeah, you’ve got to do the basics right. You’ve got to earn the right to beat Burnley because they will make you fight for every little inch of grass on the pitch. We’ve got to play well, we’ve got to fight and stick together as we have done. The players have been absolutely fantastic as a group.

“Lots of positives, but they’ve got a great result against Leicester now that they can look back on. They’ll come here with confidence but we’re confident as well.”

Sean Dyche has seen his Burnley side pick up draws in each of the last three visits to Old Trafford, denied of a win in the last two of them by stoppage time goals. “Everyone knew, back in Sir Alex’s time, that Old Trafford was a very tough place to go statistically,” Dyche said.

“Those extra minutes they used to get helped, but I don’t think there’s less fear these days. They are still a good side and their home record remains very strong, generally. I just think it’s about having a winning mentality. Liverpool have it at the minute and that is only built over winning a lot. United have had a few more bumps in the road, but it is still a tough place to go.”

They will be without the injured Marcus Rashford tonight, but Dyche warned: “Injuries to the likes of Rashford are not welcome, but they have still shown signs of being a very good side. They have a number of very effective players, even without Rashford. They can play with pace and on the counter.

“I don’t think any team is ever a million miles away from good performances and they certainly aren’t. They are clearly in some sort of transition and it is interesting to see that even the top clubs, with all the power they have, still have these spells where they are remoulding things. Ole will be doing that, but it does take time. It’s taken a big transition from Sir Alex to where things are now, and it continues to be so.

“It’s no easy task, even with their finance and at their level, to attract players and find a way of rejigging your squad every year. We all know they have the financial power and the power of the badge to sign players, and their demand is to be right at the top. They are not there, but it does take time, even at that level and Ole is doing a good job in staying calm in that period of finding the right players and the right mixture to be successful.”

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