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Goalkeeper James Trafford proved to be our best player in last Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at Newcastle, winning both our man of the match vote and the player ratings.

It’s the first game in which Trafford has picked up any points in either the vote or the ratings and in the man of the match he came out on top with 39% of the vote, ahead of central defender Jordan Beyer who was second with a 13% share. Third place was shared with both Charlie Taylor and Wilson Odobert winning 10% of the vote each.

In the player ratings, Trafford was again the winner with a rating of 6.89 out of ten. Odobert was second with 6.75 while Beyer took third place with 5.96. Another substitute, Jacob Bruun Larsen was fourth with a rating of 5.89 out of ten.

It’s given Trafford the maximum ten points towards the Up the Clarets Player of the Year with both Beyer and Odobert winning five points each. There were also two points for Taylor and one point for Bruun Larsen.

It brings an end to the September fixtures with Luca Koleosho winning the player of the month award having picked up nineteen points, six ahead of Beyer who had won thirteen points. Koleosho becomes the second monthly award winner with Lyle Foster having won in August. Foster still leads the player of the year table too. He has thirty points and now sits five points ahead of Koleosho.

The Luton VOTE runs until the end of tomorrow so you can still make your choice if you haven’t already done so, and then the Chelsea vote will be underway this Saturday.

The Newcastle result, the September player of the year result and the current player of the year table are all below.


39% – James Trafford
13% – Jordan Beyer
10% – Wilson Odobert & Charlie Taylor
7% – Josh Cullen
6% – Sander Berge & Luca Koleosho
2% – Jacob Bruun Larsen
2% – Connor Roberts
1% – Ameen Al-Dakhil
1% – Aaron Ramsey
1% – Zeki Amdouni & Jay Rodriguez
0% – Josh Brownhill


6.89 – James Trafford
6.75 – Wilson Odobert
5.96 – Jordan Beyer
5.89 – Jacob Bruun Larsen
5.82 – Charlie Taylor
5.79 – Sander Berge & Luca Koleosho
5.43 – Josh Cullen
5.39 – Ameen Al-Dakhil
5.32 – Connor Roberts
5.07 – Zeki Amdouni
4.96 – Josh Brownhill
4.75 – Jay Rodriguez
4.00 – Aaron Ramsey


19: Luca Koleosho
13: Jordan Beyer
10: Ameen Al-Dakhil, Lyle Foster & James Trafford
9: Sander Berge
8: Wilson Odobert, Charlie Taylor & Anass Zaroury
5: Jacob Bruun Larsen & Aaron Ramsey
3: Zeki Amdouni & Josh Brownhill


30: Lyle Foster
25: Luca Koleosho
16: Ameen Al-Dakhil
15: Jordan Beyer
13: Josh Brownhill
11: Charlie Taylor
10: Sander Berge & James Trafford
8: Wilson Odobert & Anass Zaroury
6: Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson & Dara O’Shea
5: Zeki Amdouni, Jacob Bruun Larsen & Aaron Ramsey
4: Arijanet Muric
2: Josh Cullen & Hannes Delcroix

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