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With no further news on the Peter Shackleton led takeover of Burnley Football Club, there was a huge surprise with two of the five man board sensationally revealing that they would be standing down.

One was Bernard Rothwell (pictured top) who had been a director since 1986 and the other was the longest serving member of the board Doctor David Iven with both confirming that they’d tendered their resignations over the previous weekend.

With supporters waiting with baited breath for the outcome of what had become a saga over Shackleton, Rothwell claimed their departures would leave two vacancies to be filled by new people with new ideas.

“There were five people on the board and I think that’s a good number,” Rothwell, who died in 2003, said. “I think the way is now open for new people to come in with new ideas.” He added: “The position with Mr Shackleton is, and I think the rest of the board feel the same way, the thing has gone on too long and if he hasn’t got the money he should stand up and say so. Mr Ingleby (who Rothwell had attacked more than once publicly) is in there fighting, but ultimately it will up to the remaining three members of the board who will join them.”

He said his decision to stand down was unrelated to any potential changes and was for family reasons.

Doctor Iven (bottom picture) would give no reason for his resignation but did say: “This resignation of mine us not a spur of the moment thing. The chairman and the other directors have known for some time of my intention to stand down sooner rather than later.

“I have been actively involved with the club for 52 years as club medical officer, director and later as vice-chairman. There were great days which I experienced with the club and I am sure they will return with Stan Ternent as manager. His policy of bringing in the youngsters is the right one. I only hope he continues to receive the support and patience of the fans. This youth policy is also the on e which brought us the First Division championship.”

Recalling that day in May 1960, he added: “It would have been fitting if in my last game we had beaten Manchester City 2-1, the score with which we clinched the title all those years ago, but that was not to be. My support for the club continues 100% and, who knows, I may decide to put pen to paper and my reminiscences of the last fifty years may become a best seller.”

That left chairman Frank Teasdale remaining on the board with fellow directors Bob Blakeborough and Clive Holt. Shackleton had not been seen or heard for some time and Ingleby continued to be blanked by the chairman.

It left supporters baffled. What next for our football club?

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