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Striker Lyle Foster was our man of the match in the opening game of the season against Manchester City, winning the vote and the player ratings, and he’s done exactly that again in game number two against Aston Villa.

Foster has greatly impressed in the first two league games of the season and he added to that with his first Premier League goal in the second of those games against Villa.

He didn’t just win the man of the match in this game, he simply walked away with it having secured a 70% share. No other player was able to reach double figures although Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson took second place with 8% while debutant Hannes Delcroix shared third place with Luca Koleosho, both of them winning 5% of the vote.

In the ratings, only three players reached six or more for an average performance with Foster the only player going above seven. His rating of 7.42 out of followed his 7.60 against Manchester City. Guðmundsson was again second with a rating of 6.58 and Koleosho was third with 6.32. Dara O’Shea took fourth place with a rating of 5.79 out of ten.

That’s given Foster a further ten points in our search for the Up the Clarets Player of the Year, to add to the ten points from the City game. In this game there were also six points for Guðmundsson, four for Koleosho, two for Delcroix and one point for O’Shea.

Behind Foster now are the trio of Ameen Al-Dakhil, Guðmundsson and Koleosho, all on six points but the next vote following our League Cup win at Nottingham Forest is now underway and that will see further early changes in the table.

The Aston Villa result is below.


70% – Lyle Foster
8% – Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
5% – Hannes Delcroix & Luca Koleosho
4% – Josh Cullen
3% – Connor Roberts
2% – Sander Berge
1% – Zeki Amdouni
1% – Dara O’Shea, Nathan Redmond & James Trafford
0% – Ameen Al-Dakhil & Aaron Ramsey
0% – Manuel Benson


7.42 – Lyle Foster
6.58 – Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson
6.32 – Luca Koleosho
5.79 – Dara O’Shea
5.74 – Nathan Redmond
5.68 – Hannes Delcroix & Connor Roberts
5.63 – Zeki Amdouni
5.58 – Aaron Ramsey
5.47 – James Trafford
5.32 – Josh Cullen
5.05 – Ameen Al-Dakhil
5.00 – Sander Berge
4.89 – Manuel Benson


20: Lyle Foster
6: Ameen Al-Dakhil, Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson &  Luca Koleosho
2: Zeki Amdouni, Jordan Beyer & Hannes Delcroix
1: Dara O’Shea

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