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The Premier League launched the official 2020/21 Fantasy Premier League game over the weekend and Up the Clarets have moved quickly to again set up our league for our own competition.

There is one big change this season in that we’ve ended our fundraising for the academy at Burnley Football Club after more than 14 years during which time we have raised, through this and the previous website, over £62,000. This season the money raised will be donated to the foodbank at Burnley Community Kitchen.

As in previous seasons, the plan is to have prizes for finishing in the top positions, it has previously been the top three, and hopefully also for the managers of the month. We’ve kept the entry fee at £10 per team (£10.60 if using credit/debit card or Paypal to cover their costs). For each entry received, £5 will be added  to the prize fund with the remainder being donated to the charity.

We’ve always used the official game and have continued with it. All you need to do is select a squad of fifteen players within a budget of £100 million. Team and squad changes are permitted during the season and there are also a couple of extra features there again that can be used.

One of the rules is no more than three players from any one club. There are bargains to be had within our squad. Chris Wood comes in as the most expensive at £6.5 million while you can have an England goalkeeper and defender, Nick Pope and James Tarkowski, for £5.5 million each.

If you want to look at the top end of the market, how about £12 million for such as Mo Salah or for half a million less you can sign Kevin de Bruyne who comes in at £11.5 million.

Here is how you join. You need to set up your squad and then send us your entry fee and you will receive the code for the Up the Clarets league on receipt. You don’t have to be registered to use our Message Board but a list of all the entries will be displayed there along with the prize fund and prize details once entries close.

Please click HERE for details on how to register for the game and for the Up the Clarets league and once in, you can make as many changes as you like to your squad until it needs to be confirmed by the cut off time which will be ninety minutes before the first fixture.

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