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fpl 1718By 6:45 p.m. this Friday, ahead of the Premier League opener between Leicester and Arsenal, football supporters will have finalised their squads, chosen their captains and selected their final starting eleven in readiness for the big Fantasy Premier League kick off.

With just under four and a half days to go to the big kick off, the Up the Clarets Fantasy Premier League has already received 75 entries which has guaranteed a prize fund of £375 and that’s some way ahead of where we were on the Monday before kick off last season.

With Burnley in the Premier League again it certainly adds to the interest and it allows you to include up to three of our players in your squad of 15. Who are the most likely Burnley players? Looking back at last season, the three current squad members who won the most number of points in 2016/17 were Tom Heaton (149), Sam Vokes (121) and Andre Gray (108). The only other Burnley player who reached three figures was Michael Keane who picked up 113 points.

There’s one thing for certain; Burnley players do fit in better than those at some clubs given the prices. Only Gray will cost you more than £6 million and with 15 players to select for no more than £100 million, it means Clarets will provide good value for money.

If you join the Up the Clarets League you will also be supporting our Youth Foundation which recently help fund our youth team in the Generali CEE Cup in Prague. Our league has been popular since we first run it in the 2005/06 season.

We’ve always used the official Premier League game which is free to join. To become a member of our league we charge £10 (or £10.60 using Paypal to cover their costs) and on receipt you will receive the code to join the Up the Clarets League. Each time we receive an entry, the prize fund will increase by £5. Right now it sits at £375 and we usually pay out for the managers who end the season in the top three places while also paying a manager of the month award each month.

You can have a bit of fun playing which takes just a few minutes each week ahead of the fixtures, and you are also supporting Burnley FC’s youth academy. What could be better?

What do you do now? You need to set up your team in the game, make your payment and join the league where you can take on our fantasy experts and the non-experts like myself.

It is open to all. You do not need to register for the message board although a list of entries and the prize money, once confirmed, will be shown in a POST on the board.

Just click HERE for all the details and we will get that league code sent out to you just as quickly as we can on receipt.

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