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Burnley’s First Goal Sweep 2023/24

Please Note that all monies raised during 2023/24 will be donated to the Burnley FC in the Community Foodbank


Rules of Burnley’s First Goal Sweep 2023/24

Entry is £1 per fixture

Prize money is up to £50 per fixture as follows:
£50 if 80 or more entries
£40 if 60 or more entries
£30 if 40 or more entries
£20 if less than 40 entries
A minimum 26 entries is required for each game

The winner is determined by the time of the first Burnley goal
If the prize is not won it will roll over into the next fixture
There will be further rollovers until such time as the prize is won

The time of the goal will be the officially recorded goal time as provided by the official data provider for that competition
eg. if a goal is scored after 20 minutes and 20 seconds the winning time will be 21 minutes

If a goal is scored in stoppage time at the end of each half then 45 or 90 minutes will be the winner

Should all 90 minutes not be taken and the prize is not won, no new entries will be allowed until the prize has been won

A draw will determine the allocated times ahead of each game

New rules introduced for 2011/12 still apply as below

On the second occasion a rollover prize is higher than £100 the following rules will be added

1. If there are 45 entries or less all entrants will receive two separate minutes
2. If it is not won on Burnley’s first goal then subsequent Burnley goals will be used to determine a winner

Promoter: MLL Development Association is registered with Burnley Borough Council

How to join

Payment should be in multiples of five and can be made by Paypal (they accept credit and debit card payments) or online banking. Should you choose to pay by online banking then please EMAIL us to confirm that payment has been sent

To join using online banking

For security reasons you will need to CONTACT US for account details before using the online banking facility.

To pay by Paypal

Add your message board username (if you have one) and click below
Just select your choice from the drop down menu


No of Entries

Messageboard Username

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