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Premier League Logo 2016It’s on its way. VAR will be used in the Premier League next season after the clubs met today to give it the thumbs up after they’d been given an update on the trials that have taken place. I’m sure that the farcical disallowing of a goal at Southampton last Saturday might have helped push things forward too, but there have been any number of really bad errors from match officials this season.

I wasn’t too sure about it, certainly not when I saw it in action in last season’s televised FA Cup matches. I’m still not certain it is the way forward but we have certainly been the victim of shocking decision far too many times over the past year or so.

The clubs also voted to continue with the shortened transfer window. Despite reports of a number of clubs not being too happy at the early closure, it is the same again in 2019.

But the bigger news of the day was the money the Premier League are to pay to departing executive chairman Richard Scudamore. He’ll receive a total of £5 million to be spread over the next three years and was endorsed by the club. He’ll be retained in an advisory capacity while a comprehensive set of non-compete clauses were extended. The payments are in recognition of the outstanding work he’s carried out over the last 19 years.

Our club reported: “Burnley Football Club supports the statement of the Premier League and the rationale behind such payments and the work carried out by the remuneration committee. The club will be making no further comment on this matter.”

Earlier today, the FSF said: “Premier League clubs have always told fan groups that budgets are planned in advance and there’s not a surplus of cash lying around from their extremely lucrative TV deal.

“In the meantime loyal football supporters continue to be inconvenienced by fixture changes to fit TV schedules, often losing out on travel costs or struggling to get to and from games in the first place.

“Now it appears clubs can stick their hands down the back of the sofa and find £250,000 at a moment’s notice.

“Fans strongly oppose the ‘golden handshake’ and we urge clubs not to make a decision which is hugely unpopular with supporters.”

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