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Burnley collected another point from a 0-0 draw against Brighton this afternoon and the point or visitors earned was, according to their manager Chris Hughton, the least they deserved.

Speaking after the dull affair, he said: “It is certainly a point we deserved. If anything, I thought we were the better side and were more likely to score. You can see why Burnley have caused the problems they have this season. They’re very effective at what they do and we had to defend very well, but I thought we had the better opportunities and were the better side.

“Certainly, if we show the attitude and endeavour we did today, then we’ve got every chance of getting points in our remaining three games.”

Brighton got a soft penalty in the game between us at the Amex. Today it was Burnley appeals for a spot kick that weren’t given. Hughton said: “There’s probably a chance it did strike his hand, but it’s less than a yard away, so we don’t believe it was a penalty. It was a moment in the box where the ball was rebounding everywhere and it was coming in very quickly. For me, it certainly wasn’t a penalty.”

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They should be OK in terms of having enough points to stay up and the manager said of that: “I don’t know if nervous is the right word because every game we play is a difficult one and you’re trying to get as many points as you can, regardless of who you play.

“Where we are fortunate is that we’ve got the points in the bag. Those teams below us have got to win games, but we’ve got three left and we go into all of them with the possibility of getting points. That has to be our attitude.”

He had a final word for Burnley. “What Sean and this club have done is outstanding,” he said. “They’ve done it after coming up from the Championship, going down and coming back up again, and they thoroughly deserve it. It’s no coincidence, and they are in seventh place for a reason. They are the seventh best team in the Premier League and he’s done a magnificent job.”

It’s close to European qualification now and Sean Dyche himself admitted: “Let’s just say a big swing has to go against us, but the lads deserve a lot of credit if that does happen and they have done remarkably well to get to where we are.

“There has been a lot of work done by so many here, not just me. I have to head it up, but the board have stayed true to what the beliefs of the club are, and don’t forget the fans too. They are sticking behind the team and even when we’ve had some soft performances like today they stick right behind the lads. That’s become important, and long may it continue.

“We are measured by what goes on out on the pitch, but there are so many good things about the club from five and a half years ago to where we are now and, should that swing not occur, the prospect of European football is tremendous for all.”

We certainly weren’t at our best today. “It was a bit of a huff and puff performance with those moments of quality lacking today,” he said. “We again showed good habits but didn’t quite find that moment we needed. But it’s hard for me to question these players. They have given an awful lot and delivered. There is no way you can cheat the Premier League.

“You can’t go lucky through a whole season and accrue the points we have; it just doesn’t happen. You have to earn the points and even today we put another point on the board and picked up a clean sheet and we’re questioning that.

“That’s a big shift in our mentality because last season, I can assure, you, we’d have been taking them.”

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