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Burnley will come up against West Ham United manager Manuel Pellegrini tomorrow for the first time since a George Boyd goal gave us a 1-0 win against Manchester City in March 2015. Pellegrini left City in the summer of 2016 but has returned to English football this year, replacing David Moyes at West Ham.

Speaking ahead of the game, he said: “Before the season, I think it’s a bad idea to have a target for the season. You must demonstrate what you are able to do in the Premier League and I think that we are trying to build a team with a strong mentality and an ambitious mentality.

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“If you review the games we played against the biggest teams, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham, even though we lost two of them, I think we demonstrated that we can do it. After that, we need to improve a lot of things to be a competitive team. At the end of season we will see what we did and if we could have done better or worse but, in this moment, we don’t have any targets.

“We must win against Burnley. We have the same feeling and same opinion after we finished the last game, that we did well and we created a lot of options and we deserved better results but, for different reasons, we didn’t get the results that we wanted. So, three points against Burnley at home must be a game we cannot fail in.”

He has his views on us too, he added: “I think Burnley have had the same manager for six years in Sean Dyche so I don’t think they will change from one day to another one. They have conceded a lot of goals in the season and in their last two games, but they play always the same line or four at the back.

“Maybe in this moment, if you think there is a tactical thing they can improve, that will be in the mind of their manager, but I expect Burnley will continue to play the same way they did last season.

“With my team I have enough to think about, though. I try to find what we must do to beat Burnley, not what Burnley must do to improve.”

Despite us conceding an unprecedented nine goals in the last two games, Sean Dyche thinks Burnley are close to getting things right on the pitch.”We know there’s still more to come from us,” he said. “We aren’t quite where we have been, but there have been signs of it and the signs have been strong in different periods, even against Chelsea.

“The scoreline’s a scoreline. That’s the outcome, but within that, there were some really good pockets of play when we were effective against one of the teams that’s up with the best in the division.

“So, what can we use from that and add on to keep reminding the players that you’re never as far as you think from being what you can be? And I don’t think we’re as far away as people may think sometimes.”

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