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It’s Spurs tomorrow and another meeting with Jose Mourinho, the fourth since he took over from Mauricio Pochettino last season.

We are still to beat one of his teams, although we have drawn against all of Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs when he’s been in charge but he knows what he’s going to get from us.

“It’s always the same,” Mourinho said. I think the fact that we scored so many goals against them is a little out of context, because Burnley is a competitive, solid team. Everyone knows the way they play, but everyone struggles to play against them because they are so difficult.

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“They defend well, they don’t need much to create danger and score, they are competitive, fresh, no Europe, good preparation. It’s hard, but we have to be positive and we will try everything to win.”

Mourinho is confident good results are round the corner after what he considers have been some good performances recently in the Premier League. “I know that,” he said. “And this is one of the things that is quite frustrating. Of course, when you play well and you lose, you finish the game with that frustration, but you have positive feeling that we are not far from winning matches.

“We want to win matches, so hopefully we can go back to that, we can score more goals from the chances we have and be more solid defensively. I see the players as well with a good spirit, everybody is in good condition, I’m positive.”

Playing one of the supposed big six away is always a tough proposition, even if the one you are playing is outside the top six positions, as Spurs are now, but Sean Dyche feels we are gaining more belief to take on these games.

Dyche said: “The way the group have worked, season on season, gives them a more clear minded view of going away in the Premier League because of the experiences we’ve had. That’s helpful, but the last one doesn’t guarantee the next one, home or away.

“It always comes back to performances. I saw it all the time. You can’t go too far away from it, because if you think you have sussed it, you haven’t. If you think one game is easier than the other, it’s often not the case. You have to take everything as it comes and be ready for everything.

“We just go everywhere and challenge ourselves to try and play well. I’ve always spoken about performance markers and if you get that right, sometimes you get a result. Not always, but the performance is key.”

Spurs are one of the big teams we are still to beat away from home in the Premier League, with only one point won from the six previous away games against Spurs. He added: “We often change our format to try and affect the game. That’s been my belief all along. At Palace recently, we played well with the ball and in possession, whereas in other games we’ve had to work hard, fight and be more simplistic, and defend well.

“There are very few of our games that are exactly the same, so we go to Spurs with a game plan of how we want to impress ourselves on the game, but sometimes the opposition stop you doing that. It’s not the planning, but simply whether they turn up and have a strong day, so the players need to remain open minded for if things start to go against you.”

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