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Marcelo Bielsa saw his side win all three points courtesy of an early penalty but he was honest enough to admit that they’d been given a difficult game by the Clarets.

He said: “In the first half we defended very well and this was helped by the fact we finished our attacks in the opposing half. In the second half we had to defend closer to our own goal and it was difficult for us to solve some duels. Especially in the last part of the game, it was an energetic and valiant effort from the guys, and very decisive.

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“The version of the game in the final part of the second half and perhaps in the whole second half, it was the game they wanted to play. We weren’t able to stop them from playing the way they wanted and neutralise them. Although we defended fiercely, the opponent had chances to score. It was very difficult for us to position ourselves in their half.”

He added: “Our objective is to be able to compete on an even keel with all our opponents in the Premier League, but it is not an easy task. For example, if you look at what happened at the end of the second half. We had to adapt to a situation we hadn’t faced up until now and the result was in danger. So every game in the Premier League is a big challenge.”

I think we could all see at the end that Sean Dyche wasn’t a happy man at what he believed were incorrect decisions that went against us. He has since said: “I can’t see the penalty. I think Nick Pope gets a clear foot on it and the one at the other end, football is in such a strange place. The keeper goes through with his knee in Ben Mee’s back. Ben Mee has got nothing other than eyes for the ball. That’s all he’s concentrating on. It drops and the referee doesn’t give it a chance to see what happens, because it isn’t a foul.

“If you do that in the middle of the pitch, as an ex-centre half and even in my day, if you put your knee in someone’s back like that when they’re trying to head the ball, not only are you giving a foul away, you’re going to get booked and, nowadays, with the softness of things, you’re probably in trouble. I have no clue where the game’s at, physically, at the moment. That’s a bizarre incident.

“Of course we’re very aggrieved by that because those moments are very important in games. I am incredibly frustrated today, as you can imagine.”

Dyche added: ““We never really got to grips with our performance in the first half but second half I’m super pleased, the reaction of our players and the way we took it on. In the second half we were terrific and completely out ran them and out-performed them but couldn’t find the breakthrough. Even when we changed the shape we were still very productive at getting into the right areas. We couldn’t fine the detail in the end, but we’ve been in that kind of form where we’ve looked effective and I thought in the second half we looked very effective.

“Credit to them because it’s not been easy for them to find a clean sheet and we have to do that sometimes when teams are very powerful against us, as we were against them today. I just think, aside of the referee and the officials, we’ve got to find the moments. We’ve done that well lately. We had so many chances to find the final key pass and find the final finish and we didn’t find that today.”

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