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Burnley travel to Goodison Park tonight and home manager Marco Silva, who is about to complete his first season in charge of Everton, is keen for them to continue their recent good home form.

He said: “It is the main thing for me as a coach and us as a club, for our players too, to maintain everything we have been doing at Goodison. It is important we keep that type of performance, and if we get the result as well, three points, it will be perfect.

“It will be a different type of game, I am 100 per cent sure, against a different type of opponent, but it is up to us as a team to put our desire on the pitch to win the game. It will be a good test for us on the pitch, and off the pitch for our fans, to keep the same atmosphere in our stadium, to help the players win the match. We want to finish the season with a good performance, and, the main thing, a win.”

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Sean Dyche has been reflecting on the season as we go into the game knowing, for certain, that our Premier League place is secure. “It has been a tough season but a very rewarding season for me as a manger, my staff and the players,” he said. “Things were not right, results-wise particularly, up until the turn, but to come through that and have the clarity and the belief in the work that we do and get the points we have got in the second half of the season is really, really pleasing for me as a manager.

“It is arguably one of my best achievements, although people wouldn’t necessarily think it, but to stay true to what we believe, the staff and the players to keep working at what we do to make sure we turn things around; and the players deserve a massive amount of credit for that.

“Underneath the results we have a group of people who care and give everything, and I think that has been shown. There has been some relief and enjoyment and I have been very pleased with my part, the staff’s part and the players’ part in the turnaround, but we have got to finish it right.

“I am way more satisfied as a manager. When things are going right you still have to manage it and keep the energy and the focus and the direction of the players, but when it is not going right how do you change it? How do you turn it around with the staff and the players to make sure that turn-around happens? I have been really pleased. It has been a tough season for me, and for the team and the staff, but I have been really pleased with my part in thinking things through and trying to make the right, effective decisions.

“People from the outside will think we have had a poor season, but I think we have had a fantastic season. It is very unlikely that we will go into season thinking we will just walk it and be fine. Every season is a challenge and I expected more of a challenge but not as much as it was. I thought that early season we would be better value than 12 points out of 19 games, so I wasn’t expecting that. That was a surprise to me, although I didn’t remotely think we would be running away with it and sitting on 25 points from 19 games, but to make sure the second half of the season has gone how it is, with my part through the staff and the players, I have been really pleased with that.”

Looking forward to tonight’s game, he added: “You have to turn up and play well because Everton are in good form and have some key players who can affect the game. They are in a good situation with what they are trying to achieve and they will want to finish right with it being their last home game.

“We want to take it on as we did the Manchester City game and deliver a performance. We are hoping to not have to defend as much and find our way of playing to affect them.”

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