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The Clarets are at Liverpool tomorrow and the two managers have spoken to the media over the last two days as they prepare their teams for the game.

It was inevitable that Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp would be asked about last season when an Ashley Barnes penalty gave us a 1-0 win, our first win there since 1974, and would that result give his players extra motivation.

“Not in the moment sitting here, to be honest,” he said. “I didn’t even think about it. When I think about that game, it was a strange on but, yes, we lost it, Burnley won it, that’s how football is, so well deserved.

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“But it has obviously nothing to do with the game now. We will try everything to have our first home game in front of our crowd for 520-something days I think and we want to enjoy that. Football is only possible to enjoy when you play in a positive way, when you just go for it.

“There are no guarantees out there, especially not against Burnley because they can make your life really uncomfortable. They defend well, have really good footballers in their team. Sean is doing a brilliant job there, set them up for being not only annoying but they can be annoying as well, good set-pieces, all this kind of stuff.

“They have a clear way of play, so that’s what we prepare for, not for any kind of revenge or whatever. We really want to have a positive game and that only works when you play really good.”

There is no doubt that Sean Dyche will be looking for us to put a shift in. “You can talk about the details, the skill, but you’ve got to work hard,” he said. “You don’t succeed anywhere in life, in my opinion, but you certainly don’t in football, and you certainly don’t at Anfield against a top class side, unless you’re prepared to put a shift in.

“I think that’s a given from us, but it is required. It’s also the tactical understanding of the performance, getting your distances right and then dealing with the ball and using the ball when you can. You don’t always have that much of the ball at these places, so when you do you’ve got to optimise and maximise the chances and the situation you find yourself in to try and get something from the game.”

Dyche is aware that we will have to be at our very best to have a chance of getting anything from the game and said: “It’s a tough ask. It’s always a tough ask. Anywhere in the Premier League is tough, but, of course, even if you just look statistically at these teams, it’s very tough going to these places and winning games.

“We’ve done it before, and we will have to earn the right and try and do it again. There’s no guarantees you do that again, but we’ve just got to concentrate on what we do, focus on what we do, work very, very hard and then, once again, try and turn around the thinking from most in football that you are going to get beaten.

“We’ve done that before, but it comes with hard work, it comes with organisation and it comes with discipline. It comes with talent as well and we have to get the mixture right to give ourselves a chance.”

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