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A trip to Molineux again sees us face Nuno Esperito Santo who is just coming to the end of his fourth season in charge of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

As did most managers, Nuno spoke this week about the reaction to the European Super League but when it came to football he said he wanted his team to finish the season in a strong fashion.

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“It’s important to play good, to perform, and improve our game against Burnley,” he said. “This is what we focus on. Until the end of the season we have a lot of matches to play and a lot of time when we can take advantage of the situation to try and improve and build a foundation.

“First it’s Burnley, let’s totally focus on how we want to approach the game. They are a good squad, a good team that creates problems, not only to us, but all the teams because their approach of the game is intense, they play good football, they have a good manager and good players. They’re real attacks on their strikers, really compact on their defence, a very tough team and a very good team.”

He added: “We’ve had a lot of challenges., One of those is to be consistent throughout the competition, that is one of the most difficult things to achieve because you always have to solve problems with new solutions we’ve been facing. But let’s try to be consistent, mainly in our game. The way the players have committed themselves in the previous games have been amazing, so let’s commit to it.”

Sean Dyche was giving nothing away on the formation he might use at Molineux having switched to an extra midfielder last week at Manchester United. “The team can operate in different manners when we need it and when it’s appropriate,” he said. “We felt it was appropriate the other night, against Manchester United, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we feel it’s appropriate against Wolves.

“Historically, I know the stats and the facts of how we perform, but it’s good that players can operate in different roles. We’ve often had to do that through injuries and through the fact we don’t invest in the team as much as everyone else. It was pleasing to see it did work the other night, although we didn’t get anything for it, so we can’t look beyond that. We need things that can win, not just work.”

Dyche added: “A lot of good work has been done since game seven and a lot of points put on the board. The recent performances have been decent, and we’ve dominated a couple of games, which we don’t always do. We’ve never really lacked positivity, but we have to make it happen rather than wait for it to happen.

“I’ve been confident every season, but confidence doesn’t win you games. You need a team that performs to win you games, and we’ll hopefully turn any confidence we have, individually and collectively, into winning football matches. “

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