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Spurs and Jose Mourinho are here tonight. I think his first visit to Turf Moor was back in 2014 with Chelsea when they frightened us to death in the opening game of the season. With Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs, he’s unbeaten at Turf Moor with last season’s 1-1 draw against Spurs the only time he hasn’t won.

Ahead of tonight’s game, he said of the Clarets: “It’s a special game. You don’t get many like Burnley in the Premier League anymore, but when you go there, even at home, you know what you get. Everybody knows the way they play, everybody knows the way they defend, everybody knows the way they attack, and it’s very difficult to play against them on every side of the pitch.

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“Since they were promoted they are there and doing amazing. In the end, if their objective is to be safe, if their objective is to stay in the Premier League and don’t suffer in the last matches, where many times one point decides the future of a club, they manage always to be in a great position.

“They earn points, and Sean is the kind of guy who doesn’t collapse under the pressure of ‘you have to play this way, you have to play that way’. He plays his way and to play his way, no one does better than him, so I respect him a lot.”

Sean Dyche, who will have passed the eight year landmark as Burnley manager by the time we play at the weekend, said of tonight’s game: “We will be looking to play effectively and in a style that can awkward and hard for them to get a grip on. But equally, we have to deal with them. They have top players and they are in good form, but we have played them before, given a good performance level and got something from the game and we’ll have to do that again.

“We can only remain focused in what we do. We did well coming out of lockdown last season, despite some real challenges to the group. We have to respond to that again and although it’s been tough with the injuries so far, we are getting players back and the signs are we are getting stronger.

“We have to be careful what we wish for, and sort of over demand, because it’s an unforgiving league. There’s got to be a bit of reality, but I think we can build on that performance and move forward from this and get wins and points.

“I think the realities are we’ve got a group that has been around the Premier League for quite a bit now, six out of seven seasons, so we understand the challenges. We’re not naive, they understand how tough some games are, all games are, but there are certain teams give you a much tougher game because of the qualities they have. But we also have a mentality where we go into every game believing we can win it, and we have to take on each challenge as it comes.”

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