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Chris Wilder saw his side lose 2-0 against Wolves in their opening Premier League game three days ago and will now be battling out against the Clarets for a place in the 3rd round of the League Cup and a trip to Millwall next week.

Speaking about the defeat, in which both goals were scored in the opening six minutes. “It’s always feast or famine,” Wilder said: “There’s no manual on management even tough plenty of people seem to think there is. Everyone had an opinion on us last season, about what would happen. Basically, what I saw was a team that capitalised in the chances we gave them and we didn’t capitalise on the ones we created. We don’t want that to happen again, obviously, but it’s one game.”

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They  finished just ahead of us last season and the two of us were compared quite a lot during last season. “You always get stuck in a box and pigeon holed,” Wilder added on that. “Listen, Dychey, as everyone knows full well, has got lots of players courted by other clubs. I dare say we’ve got a few who are admired as well. ”

He has confirmed that he will make changes from the team that faced Wolves. “I believe the majority of clubs will make changes,” he said. “We want to go well but our target is another season in the Premier League. That’s the main aim, to establish ourselves at this level.”

It’s a first game of the season for Burnley and Sean Dyche who is coming up against one of the managers he described last season as one who he was closest to. He said of Sheffield United: “They are a good outfit. I like Chris a lot and I respect him and I like his team a lot.

“They’re a good mixture. They can work you, they play hard and play aggressively but all in the rights ways for me. They play it in the right way, they get on with their game and I don’t think they bow easily. I think we’ve done that well here. We don’t bow to anyone we’re playing. We just take the challenge on. It’s certainly another tough task but every game, Premier League or cup, especially when you’re playing Premier League sides, it is a tough game, so our players are well aware of that.”

“I think we’ve got a very good group here,” he added. “Although it’s low in numbers, we’ve still got some very good players here. We’ve still got Corky to get fit, Barnesey to get truly match fit and we’ve still got Ben Mee to get match fit. They are very good players, who will come back into the fold.

“I like the group we’ve got. Can we reinforce it, can we add to it, can we adjust it and mould it accordingly? That’s the next challenge. It’s a time bound challenge with the closing of the window, but that’s the challenge and we have to keep doing it.”

Looking forward to the new season which will see him reach eight years as Burnley manager next month, he added: “I have never lost sight of the real challenge, which is to continue what we’re doing in the Premier League. You want to start the season, whatever game it is, with a winning mentality. That’s something we’ve always tried to build here.

“We have tried to take the cup competitions seriously. We’ve mixed the team; we’ve kept the team. We haven’t always delivered in the cup competitions but that’s sometimes the way it goes. We’ve only got so many players, so the thinking is not as open as maybe some other clubs. We’ve got a certain group to pick from. We think they’re motivated. They have certainly looked motivated through pre-season. We want them to go into this game motivated and any changes there’ll be will still be designed to win the game.”

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