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Burnley travel to Wolves tomorrow and the two managers have both held their press conferences ahead of the game, Nuno Esperito Sancho speaking after his Wolves team had won 3-2 in Torino in the Europa League Play-Offs.

He was asked about Europe with us having been there last season. He said: “We try to learn and see different experiences. We decided to go with our own approach, but for sure Sean knows how tough it is because he has been there once.

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“You have the experience you can truly judge how tough it has been for the boys, it has been very tough. I am delighted that the players want to embrace it and we want to go, we want to compete, we just want to play, play, play, keep on playing, keep on growing, this is our main objective now.”

Turning his attentions to Burnley, he added: “We look at this season and they start very well. They are a strong team, a team that has been playing for a while together. We know their strengths and we want to compete, we always want to compete and the approach is always the same, recognise the strengths of our opponents, knowing there will be a weakness that we want to take advantage of.

“Then we try to put our ideas, especially at Molineux. It’s so good to be home in front of our own fans and we know that it is going to be tough, we are going to fight for each and every ball. First, we need to perform well, then we see what is happening after that. First the performance preparation of the game and play the game. Then let us see in the end what has happened.”

Sean Dyche will be looking for us to get our first away points on the board and he said: “Wolves have started the season with a lot on their plate with the Europa League, which we know all about. On reflection, I don’t think they had as tough a first couple of rounds as we had last season, but they got a great result at Torino in midweek.

“There are no guarantees that will have an effect, but having been through it, we know it can. It’s just about how much. Inevitably it does eventually catch up with you, and so many managers phoned me about that before we went into it. It can be early in the season or a bit later, but hopefully it will catch up with them this weekend and we can get up with a performance that can earn us a win.”

He admitted it would be a difficult game. ” “They are a good side, especially at home, and certainly a team to be reckoned with,” he added. “They have a similar format from the past few years, which they haven’t gone away from, and why would you, given it’s been successful?

“They don’t mind mixing it up and their pass map shows that. They’ll will hit longer passes and big diagonals and try to get in behind you, but they will also pass it. I like them. They are a good side, but we played very well at home against them last season and it’s about understanding how they play, while trying to impress our own game on them.”

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