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Tinker Man is back at Burnley tonight with his dilly ding, dilly dong bell, this time in charge of Watford having last been here with Fulham almost three years ago.

He took over as Watford boss earlier this season and brings his team to the Turf knowing that, should we beat them, they will drop into the bottom three.

“This is a crucial game for us and for them,” he said yesterday. “It’s a very important match. Always I am confident with my players. Then approach is always the same, we don’t change our philosophy.

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“I know it will be a fantastic battle, this (Burnley) team is a team that fights in every situation until the whistle. It will be a good match and battle. The manager has been there for ten years. There are so many players who have been with him for five, six years. They play together, so we have to do a fantastic match tomorrow evening.”

He added: “I am happy because we make lots of chances (in the defeat at Brentford last Friday). Of course, we have to improve our defensive way because when I say the defensive line, I don’t just mean the defence, everyone must be involved to stop the opponent.

“I tell all my players every time that we play to win, but it’s also important that they don’t lose. That is my philosophy. Every match you don’t know what is going to happen so you have to fight to win, but you have to be intelligent that when you can’t win, you don’t lose. We have to be like ice men on  the pitch.

“I have to speak with the players and say that there is another battle. We are playing well and we are doing very good to create chances to score goals, but we need to improve our situation defensively. We have our philosophy and Burnley have their philosophy. We know very well what Burnley will do and we are working to try to create chances to score goals and save our goal.”

Sean Dyche has seen the goals dry up in the last three games but said this week: “We’ve slowly but surely been getting back to where I think we can be, certainly with clean sheets and being tighter in games, and draws. We understand we have to make those draws into wins.

“All games are the same, it’s all about the three points. It’s a strange situation in football, we’ve been down in this situation before, there’s a lot of games to come and there’s a lot of football to be played. We’ve been down this road before and it’s not a road that we want to be down but we are where we are in the table.

“We know the challenge that’s in front of us, our players definitely do, and the fans certainly do as well. In that case, the next game is the most important one regardless of who you are playing, because you need to pick up points wherever you can.”

Dyche added: “You don’t need one win, you need lots of them, so it’s how you get them and how you challenge yourself over a season, and that’s definitely the experience I’ve had in the Premier League being at Burnley and that’s what we need to continue doing going forward.

“You need to get the details right, as managers and coaches you need to get the team in the right areas. We trust the players here, to go and play with that freedom and confidence. You build it from yourself, your team and those around you.”

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