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Tomorrow’s game brings Jose Mourinho back to Turf Moor and he has an excellent record here with a win with Chelsea and two with his current club Manchester United.

He’s been fighting back this week having come under criticism following defeats at Brighton and at home against Spurs but, despite the 3-0 scoreline, he thought they were unlucky to lose the Spurs game.

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“There are defeats and defeats,” he said. “A defeat always means zero points but there are defeats and defeats. I think the feeling was a great frustration and a great sense of it not being fair at all, far from it, but during the week people transform that into motivation to work and once more the week was very, very good and we just hope to play as well as we did against Tottenham but with a different luck and a different result.”

He was sat in the Bob Lord Stand on Thursday. He said of our Europa League game: “I knew that they would change the majority of their players and the majority of the players that played will probably be in the bench on Sunday.

“It’s always a good way to have a look and to see the direction they go and try to compare with the things that we watch in video analysis and it’s a good experience.

“We won there but we didn’t win at home. I think we have drawn twice against Burnley at home, 0-0 and 2-2. Matches against them are always difficult. They are competitive, aggressive and they fight for every ball. If you are no ready for that, it’s even more difficult for you.”

Sean Dyche will know this is one of the more difficult games we’ll face during the season, one of the top six clubs. “For us, we’ve got to concentrate on the facts,” he said. “They’re still a top class side. They can make changes everywhere and still put out a top class side. They’ve got a very, very good manager who knows exactly what he’s doing, so I have to look at that and not get involved with the noise.

“We have to focus the players on a very, very tough game against a top side. They will know that, but it bodes well from the performance the other night against Olympiacos. That’s what we have to give. We have to give everything, quality and intensity and you probably need a little bit of the rub of the green against the top sides.

“Our players know they are a good side. We know all that, but we do what we do. We want to take on the game and we want the challenge. It’s an important one for us and a great local game for the fans as well.”

Burnley are in search of a first Premier League win since beating Leicester at home in April and we’ll be looking for something better than the last league game at Fulham a week ago. “We want to consistently improve our performances,” Dyche said. “We fell away against Fulham. We revitalised ourselves and looked more like us against Olympiacos and that’s important.

“We lay down certain levels of performance. We know you have to perform properly against any team you play against in the Premier League. I thought we did that the other night, and not it’s important we take that into the Manchester United game.”


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