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Thursday 21st January heralds the arrival of a new website and message board for Burnley supporters.

The site, at launch, is a basic one with the squad list, fixtures and league table for this season along with ticket information and away travel for our remaining fixtures in the 2015/16 season.

If you are using an ad blocker, can we ask you if you would consider switching it off when using UptheClarets. There is limited advertising which is needed to fund the running of the site. We won’t, however, block anyone who chooses to continue using an ad blocker.

utc630As the site starts to grow, hopefully so will the message board which you can link to from the top left of this page. It’s next to the home page button. We’ve given the main board the title of ‘The Bee Hole End’ which is now, for many, a long forgotten and much loved part of Turf Moor. It will soon be twenty years since supporters were able to stand on that area of terracing.

You can view the board immediately, but you will have to register if you wish to post.

This site has been created in under a month due to the efforts of a small number of dedicated Burnley supporters. I hope you agree with me that they have achieved a very special looking site for us.

Please contact us via EMAIL should you have any problems.

Up The Clarets

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