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Daniel Farke brings his Norwich side to Burnley for a second time this season. Having been earlier for the Premier League clash he now manages the Canaries in what is their first ever FA Cup visit to Turf Moor.

Keen to do well in the FA Cup, Farke said: “It’s a little break from the league but I’m a deep believer in cup competitions and we want to be as successful as we can. It is the third game in seven days and we’ve had a quick turnaround because we arrived back in Norwich in the early hours of Thursday, so there was no proper sleep for the players after a tough game in which we covered the most distance across the whole season. I expect changes tomorrow but just to bring fresh energy onto the pitch because we want to go into the next round. It’s tricky with the load and of course you have to be successful in the league.

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“We have to deliver a top class performance at a tough away ground. Burnley are on fire at the moment, so we have to be at the top of our game. We will try to do that because afterwards it’s a normal week with enough time to recover.”

Speaking about the Clarets, the Norwich boss added: “Burnley, especially at home, are always unbelievably brave and intense in their pressing. It’s important that we’re brave enough to bypass that and keep the ball under the pressure. They’re a side full of physicality and intensity and they will play with a direct side who are strong in set pieces, so it’s important we have periods of domination in possession to keep them away from our goal.

“It will be a difficult task as they’ve had good results in recent weeks, but there’s a chance to get to the fifth round so that’s what we want to do. Each good performance and result is good for the confidence. It’s a bit different to the league games where, because of our position, we have pressure to win points in every game, especially in the last home game against AFC Bournemouth.

“The cup game is more one that we can’t lose. Burnley are favourites but we can win. I know it’s unrealistic to speak about winning the FA Cup for Norwich, but we want to be as successful as we can. We want to win every game.

“I’m respectful because in football there is no right or wrong way to be successful. I always like when you can see the identity and philosophy of a head coach and of a club. That’s what you get when you watch Burnley.

“Without looking at the colour of the shirt, when you see them playing you can see a clear identity that they stick to. It doesn’t have to be the same identity of other clubs. It’s unique and special and I’m full of respect because I like when you can see the handwriting of the coach.

“Sean Dyche has done a fantastic job for Burnley and you can see how effective they are in their style. It’s unbelievably difficult to play against them, so it’s no coincidence they are able to win at United.”

It’s been a good week for Sean Dyche with the wins against Leicester and Manchester United and today he said: “We want to take on the cup game as well. It’s a nice feeling in the camp when you’re winning. It always enhances the feeling for the next performance and that confidence level.

“We want to continue that, but we have to be right and we’ve got to go and deliver another performance. We’ve done that well in the league in the last two games and we’ve got to do that in the cup to make sure we look after ourselves and get what we want, which is a win.”

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