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Liverpool are at the Turf tonight with manager Jürgen Klopp bringing his team here for the fifth time. He saw them beaten on his first visit but has secured three wins since, a better return than they’ve been able to get against us at Anfield.

It was looking as though they would have little to play for when they went into the fifth minute of stoppage time at West Brom with the scores level before winning a corner from which goalkeeper Alisson headed home the winner.

That’s left them knowing that two wins will claim a Champions League spot and Klopp, speaking about that end at The Hawthorns, said: “In that moment nobody thought about the next two games, obviously we were all just only celebrating the moment. But, of course, in football and life like this, if you have some downs you are influenced, if you have a high you should be influenced by it as well.

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“That was obviously a high for us and it doesn’t make the job easier at Turf Moor, but it changed the mindset a little bit. That’s how it is, it kept us in the race, that’s the most important thing.”

Having looked out of the running, he added, when asked how it would now be finishing in the top four: “No, because I don’t want to speak about it,” he said. “For us, it’s very, very, very important. You saw that in the faces of the players when Ali scored the goal. We can speak about what it means if we have to speak about it on Sunday after the game, but now we play Burnley.

“And I really don’t like these talks like we would have made it already before we play Burnley and Crystal Palace. That would be, in my mind at least, disrespectful and I don’t want to think about what it means. In the moment it would mean, for us, if we have on Sunday still a final for us, then we had a positive result at Turf Moor. That’s all what it is and depends on other results.

“If we don’t win on Wednesday then we don’t have a final on Sunday, these kind of things. But we only have to focus on this one game. That it means a lot, I really think I don’t have to explain that because you could see that in the celebrations at West Brom.”

Klopp added: “Of course, we are looking forward to the game with Burnley. It’s a different mindset, it’s a different mood but we know how tough it will be. The first time for ages with supporters in the stadium at Turf Moor, Sean Dyche, a proper competitive guy, the team lost against Leeds, so they will want to strike back and all these kind of things.

“Burnley are really good and difficult to play, super attitude and in front of their own supporters. Could it be more tricky? I’m not sure to be honest, but that’s now how it is. It will be a tough one but qualifying for the Champions League should be tough, so I have no problem with that.”

Sean Dyche will see his team backed by some home supporters tonight for the first time since the 1-1 draw against Spurs in March 2020. “It’s been a big challenge without our fans,” he admitted. “The fans here have learned how to support us. They get right behind us and they support the players and that’s become a big part of us, and will be going forward when we get fans back in here.

“It doesn’t guarantee results but it certainly helps when you have your own supporters almost pushing the team for results. I’d like to think they have an effect and we have to make sure it does with a performance that allows fans to play their part.”

He added: “The main job for this season, and I’d like to think we can build beyond the sort of thinking for this season which was to basically to stay up after we had such a tough start. That’s achieved.

“Now it’s like ‘come on then, let’s take on these games’. I didn’t think there was a lack of that against Leeds. They just had a bit more than us on the day and were more clinical, so I’ve been pretty happy with the level of performance.

“Going into Liverpool, everyone will expect Liverpool to win. Everyone knows what Liverpool are chasing. It just brings you that little bit of freedom when you go ‘come on lads let’s take on the game and see where it takes us.’ We did that away and now we’ve got to do it at home, but they’re a top outfit without a doubt.

“You’ve still got to do the right things. It doesn’t mean you go around there and run around like kids in a playground. That doesn’t happen in professional football, I can assure you, and certainly not in the Premier League. There’s a professional delivery of a performance.

“The last few games they (Liverpool) have looked strong they have looked sharp. We know they are a good outfit. They have proven that and it doesn’t need me to remind you. You have to be ready for all of these challenges. They are in good form and chasing to try and make sure they are in the Champions League slots.

“It’s not an easy task that for sure. We had a really big result away at their place. We were pleased with that but obviously this is a different game. That one doesn’t owe you this one that’s for sure. We know they’re a good outfit. we have got to be ready and we’ve got to play hard and work very hard because usually to win these games you have to be prepared to put the effort in.”

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