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Leicester City are at Turf Moor tonight which brings together two managers who first worked together when current Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers was in charge at Watford.

Rodgers has undoubtedly done a terrific job at Leicester and he brings his team to Turf Moor tonight in third place in the Premier League and, despite going out of the Europa League last week, searching for a return to Champions League football.

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Speaking ahead of tonight’s game, he said: “It’s a process now, over these next three months, and it’s one we’re really going to enjoy. We’ll have to play well. Every game in this league, anything is possible. You can go and win, lose or draw.

“For us it’s about recovering now. Our focus is on ourselves. We’ve had injuries, of course, but we’ve also had European football to contend with. With some teams that can be difficult, but our players have been brilliant.

“Whenever you go into the game, you have to be fully committed. In the Premier League, you come up against different styles, but whatever that is, you have to have the belief, commitment and confidence to get a result.”

Sean Dyche will be looking for a positive reaction after the 4-0 defeat at Spurs last Sunday and aware that Leicester, like us, are missing players through injury, he said: “I think they are missing a few good young players and I appreciate Brendan’s challenges because we’ve had a lot ourselves.

“It all comes down to us focusing on what we do and getting back to where we were just a short while ago. We were excellent against Palace and at least solid here against Fulham, but we’ve come off it in the last couple of games. We do need our players to get fit, but equally those who are playing can, I think, operate at a better standard than they have in the last couple.”

He added: “It’s a fine balance because you know when you are operating correctly, but equally, particularly against Spurs, they were clinical. But you look at yourself as well and we could definitely have done better. including the West Brom game. I don’t want to discredit them because they took the game on with 10 men, but on the other hand in the two previous games we were excellent.

“We’re still a work in progress. I’ve never claimed we are the real deal, or close to it, and there will be peaks and troughs. But we do like the group here; they always max out and there is never a lack of physical effort, so the mentality and physical side are intact and then it comes down to the details and tidying things up. When we do that, we’ll start looking after ourselves again.”

Having brought this game forward from the original date because of Leicester’s FA Cup commitments, Dyche said: “It’s not ideal and neither of us wanted the game this week, but we all know the challenge. It’s not like it’s been thrust upon us out of the blue. We knew where the game schedule was going to be loaded this year and I don’t remotely want to be picking fault. We’re all in this together and when the whistle blows shortly against Leicester, we have to be ready to perform.”

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