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Brighton are at the Turf tomorrow with Graham Potter in charge of them for a fourth time against Burnley and still to taste defeat although hopefully that will have changed this time tomorrow.

He saw his team beat Liverpool 1-0 at Anfield two days ago, following on from our win there by the same scoreline and he’s back in the North West tomorrow when he admits: “It’s the same in terms of the challenge of the game. Every game in this league is so difficult, brings a different dimension.

“Burnley are really good at what they do. They make it really difficult and they have a real clarity of what they are trying to achieve. I have huge respect for Sean Dyche and the job he has done there. Fantastic.

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“I like what they do a lot. You can see the work. They get a bit of bad press, if you like. They defend deep in numbers, they can also press you high. They use their forwards well but they can also play, they have some good players. Pope and the two centre backs are so under rated.

“They are really high performers at this level. It is another tough game for us but I say it all the time. There are not too many easy ones in the Premier League.”

Sean Dyche will be looking to get us back on track again after two defeats but doesn’t believe the next few games will necessarily determine our season.

He said: “We have beaten Liverpool away and Villa at home after turning it around twice. Brighton have just beaten Liverpool away and beat Tottenham at home last week, so it is too simplistic, but there is also a fair view that there are certain teams that everyone outside the elite clubs think they should be more competitive against and the margins are tighter. You can win any game, but there are some probabilities and some possibilities, as I call it.

“We don’t know the exact parameter of these games, but it suggests the next clutch of games are more in the reality of our world. We’ll see, but the next one is the most important one, so our focus will be on a good Brighton side who are coming up to (the) Turf.”

Recalling our start to the season, he added: “I haven’t lost sight of the fact that after seven games we were on two points and now we are where we are, which is a big shift.  There is some good work being done. The players are doing a lot, that’s with the injuries the tough game schedules, the lot. There is a lot of good work being done and we’ve got to continue. We’ve got continue moving forwards and playing better and better and working harder and harder because that’s the only way it is in the Premier League. You’ve got to do that to win games.”

“We have beaten Liverpool away and Villa at home after turning it around twice,” Dyche said. “We know the challenge of the Premier League. We know it’s very difficult, whoever you’re going to play. You’ve got to acquit yourself properly against all the different teams.

“I’ve always had a balanced view of that. Six out of seven seasons teach you there are no gimmes and no easy games. You have to fight for everything, no matter who you play and we just focus on that.”

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