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Burnley travel to Spurs tomorrow and it will be a first meeting with Jose Mourinho since his Manchester United side played at Burnley in August last year.

He recently replaced Mauricio Pochettino and saw his new side lose for the first time this week when they were beaten at Old Trafford by his old side but that means he’s ready for a return home for the game against the Clarets.

The mood has improved he admitted: “I am happier because I felt that after the game it was just pure sadness and I think in football, after a defeat, it cannot be just pure sadness, it has to be more than that. It has to be a feeling of I want the next match immediately, tomorrow if possible. I want to play, I want to win again, I want to try not to make the same mistakes that I did. This is the feeling that I like after a defeat and yesterday and especially today.”

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We could go back to our tried and trusted 4-4-2 system of which Mourinho said: “It’s always difficult. There is something that I always say which is that you cannot press when the ball is in the air. You have to just try to come with the kind of football that they play. Of course, when we have the ball, we have to play the way we do, we have to try to use the qualities we have and obviously to play direct is not our quality. So we have to deal with the problems they are going to pose us and we have also to play and not lose our identity.

“We have to surround the defence but without losing what we have in attack. We’ve conceded two goals in each one of my four matches but we scored in all of them and we could score even more than what we did. But you are right, we are conceding too much, we are conceding some, what I have to call, cheap goals and we have to try to stop it. The best way to do it is to work. We have no time to work at the moment.

“After the United game, yesterday was a day of complete recovery and today was the second recovery day, the day before the next game, so the conditions to work on the pitch are not the best, less work, more analysing, more meetings, more talk. I’m not a meetings coach, I am a pitch coach, that’s where I really like to coach, on the pitch, and I think it’s a way where you can accelerate all the processes.

“Let’s wait a little bit until next week where we have, of course, the Bayern match, that will be a match where I am going to rest some players so I will work with the players that are not going to be involved. Let’s wait also for the week before the weekend of 21 and 22 December because it’s on the pitch where we can really improve things. But to analyse, to comment, to coach in the meeting room helps, so hopefully we get some positive things after some negative things.”

Despite losing the last two games, we are still on 18 points compared to the nine points we had at this stage last season. Sean Dyche said: “We have responded to what happened early last season, there’s no two ways about it, with performances levels and points. There are some challenging spells in a season, we know that, and this is one of them.

“Against Palace we thought we didn’t do that much wrong in the game, that was shown by the chances we created, but made two mistakes. Man City were too strong. Tottenham are strong at the moment and we’ll see how that goes with a new manager etc.

“But there are very good opportunities coming for us, and we look forward to what I think is a good opportunity to recover good form. There are good games coming and games that we certainly think we can definitely compete in. We’ve shown that before and we want to take points, but that comes off the back of performances and performances are still the lead for me.

“The measure of the season so far has been mostly positive. There have been some dips in there and things we can learn from and improve, and that’s what we look to do.

“I think statistically, it’s fair to say, it’s hard against the top six. We know that and we have found it hard against the top six statistically. We have a tough record against the ones we think of as the top six, but against that so have a lot of others. Their toughest spells will be against the top six. That’s the way it goes.

“Correcting that is a challenge and that’s what we look to do because we want to take points in as many places as we can. It sounds easy, when you’re just chatting about it. On the other hand, you can’t guarantee anything on the outside of that. “You have to work hard for everything you get and deliver performances.”

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