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chelsea half timeBurnley’s opening day win at Chelsea last August has been voted our best performance in four Premier League years, beating, somewhat surprisingly, the 2009 1-0 win against Manchester United into second place.

The poll last week had eight options, the four home and four away games voted the best in our four Premier League seasons to date. I thought it might be between the two games mentioned above and that proved to be the case.

Some 38% of the vote went for the 3-2 win at Stamford Bridge, the winner of the recent vote for the best away performance of 2017/18 whilst that 1-0 victory in Turf Moor’s first ever Premier League game came second with a 29% share of the vote.

The other three home games took the next three places, followed by the away win at Crystal Palace (2016/17) with the last two, the 4-1 win at Hull in 2009/10 and 2-1 victory at Stoke in 2014/15, winning only one vote each.

The Full Result

38% – 2017/18: Chelsea (a) W 3-2
29% – 2009/10: Manchester United (h) W 1-0
17% – 2016/17: Liverpool (h) W 2-0
7% – 2014/15: Manchester City (h) W 1-0
6% – 2017/18: Manchester City (h) D 1-1
3% – 2016/17: Crystal Palace (a) W 2-0
0% – 2009/10: Hull (a) W 4-1 & 2014/15: Stoke (a) W 2-1

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