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Burnley went through to the fourth round of the FA Cup with a 1-0 win against Barnsley this afternoon with both managers satisfied with the performances of their respective teams.

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Barnsley boss Daniel Stendel, speaking briefly after the game, said: “The performance was good. After the first ten minutes we are good in the game. Sometimes we had good combination, some chances and I think in the last twenty minutes never in the stadium did we think we lose this game.”

However, he is not an advocate of VAR even though his team benefited from it today. He said: “We profit from this but for me it is better the referee on the pitch decides. Football lives on emotions.”

Sean Dyche made eight changes to the team and admitted: “We had to piece together a side today and although we weren’t fluid, I was pleased with the basics and how we did that. We lost the two right backs, and hopefully they will be ok for next week. James Tarkowski has gone to right back and I thought he was excellent.

“Stephen Ward has come back in out of the blue, but said he was absolutely fine to play and showed that. With Steven Defour , we are trying to piece together his return with the physios and feedback on where he is at.

“Charlie Taylor had to play left side and then move back one, and while all these things are happening you have to go and win a game, so overall I am very pleased.

“I don’t want to discredit Barnsley in all of this either because I thought they were good and they have a chance in their league this season. But I felt we had enough to win the game and did enough to win the game, especially at the end of a big, important week for us.”

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When the FA confirmed VAR would be in use for the game, Dyche was quick to say that he was in favour of it, but he wasn’t too happy with the way it was executed today when a first half penalty was overturned.

He said: “I am a big fan of the concept, but for the first penalty I felt the time to get to the decision was the big thing. The referee allowed the set-up for a penalty and I know we are learning about it, but I think the referee should grab the ball and walk outside the penalty area, so there are no implications.

“It did seem to take longer than the 90 seconds, and at the time we did think it was a penalty, but equally within about five or 10 seconds we thought it was offside. If it is a long decision, for me he has to move outside the box and stand there because Matěj had got to the point of his run-up before the referee blew his whistle and said ‘no’.

“That delay was what annoyed me, not the outcome because once you know that is right you quickly move on, but the timing was strange, and the outcome has to be made clearer because people weren’t sure whether it was a penalty or not.

“Even the second penalty, which is a stone-waller, can’t take that long. Again, Woody was waiting to take the penalty, and I don’t think that was necessary. But I will remind people, I am a fan and once they iron out the small details I hope it’s used wisely.”



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