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It was Lincoln boss Danny Cowley celebrating at the end after his side scored an 89th minute to create FA Cup history in taking the non-league side into the 6th round of the competition.

Cowley, speaking after the final whistle, said: “It’s a football miracle for a non-league team to be in the last eight. The boys were excellent, playing against a Premier League team.

“We are always realists, I will never ask the players to do something they’re not capable of, but we thought it we could get the game plan right we could compete.

“Maybe young top level centre halves are not used to playing against that up top. It was a bit of a throwback.”

Six days ago Sean Dyche was receiving all the plaudits after Burnley’s 1-1 draw against Chelsea,  but this time he had to face the media after a shocking result for the Clarets. “It was a day to forget rather than one to remember and unfortunately there is no positive today,” he said.

“The only thing is, we played our bit part in a fairytale, but that’s not a positive and it isn’t to be swept under the carpet, it’s to be learned from.

“The fact is it’s the first time since I’ve been at the club when we were really big favourites. We haven’t experienced that before and it can bring a different feeling in the crowd and a different feeling from the players.

“The real assuredness that comes with growth as a footballer, particularly in the Premier League, is the bit that needs to be added, because we want a future where we are favourites more often. That’s what’s got to change in our psyche.”

He continued: “I knew it would be an awkward one because I saw them last week. A number of factors didn’t help, but the biggest thing is we didn’t take care of business. Defensively, all day, we were pretty solid but our detail in our finishing wasn’t good enough.

“We created good enough chances, but didn’t take them and in the final third we didn’t have the moments of quality to open up the game.

“You need things to go for you in a cup run, but you also need to be resolute and I thought they were today. They stuck to their format, didn’t try and change it and the one chance at the end of the game kills the reality of the game.

“The fact is we didn’t have the cutting edge at key times to go and open them up and scored the goal that couldn’t have opened up the game. The key now is to remember that. Of course it would have been nice to go through today, but the bigger picture is the league.

“The disappointment is there today, but tomorrow and moving forwards we will remind ourselves what the real picture is and that’s the Premier League.”

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