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Burnley travel to Selhurst Park tomorrow and that brings us a game against Sam Allardyce for the first time since May 2015 when he was in charge of West Ham.

Allardyce has since managed Sunderland and England, briefly, before landing the job at Crystal Palace when they dispensed with the services of Alan Pardew just before Christmas.

He’s been singing the praises of Sean Dyche too ahead of tomorrow’s game. He said: “I think he has built a very good football club from top to bottom on stability that he has brought to Burnley. He has made Burnley’s owners and directors look at the financial side of their club and they now see one that is financially secure.

“That money has been brought to the club by him getting them promoted to the Premier League, evolving at a nice, steady pace and as a club they have not panicked and been patient, which is a word that doesn’t happen in football anymore.

“If you look at the football dictionary, the word patient you can’t find anymore because there is none, but there is at Burnley.

“He has delivered a recruitment policy, a training policy right through the football club that has brought the success it has brought so he has done a fantastic job there. A brand new training ground opening for him this year as well, if they survive in the end it would be a fantastic season.”

Dyche was talking numbers when he spoke to the media yesterday. “There are some facts behind our journey this season,” he said. “We took 17 points out of the first 17 games. We have just added 19 points out of the last 17 games on a bad run. I don’t know how that actually equates.

“There’s a lot of perception about football and our job is to see the facts of what we do, analyse the facts, analyse the performances and keep moving forward and that’s what we intend to do. Two years ago we didn’t get a win in the first ten games. This time we had four points out of the first five games and everyone said it was a really good start for Burnley. We’ve just had four points out of the last five and not it’s deemed not good enough.”

He added: “It’s my job, the team’s job, the staff’s job to see about the reality of what we’re achieving this season, because we are achieving. We have more points than we ever did in the Premier League and it’s now about taking it all the way. It’s now about everything we have learned over the season and delivering performances in these last four games.

We, as a club, without a shadow of a doubt, are in really good shape going into this last bunch of game, but we aren’t naïve enough to think it takes care of itself, because it doesn’t. We have to go and step on and take care of what we need to.”

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