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wembley 1000x500Our next game is this Saturday against Tottenham Hotspur and that means, with their continuing problems with the new stadium, the game will be played at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley Stadium implemented a new bag policy last month for all subsequent fixture and that policy prohibits everyone from bringing any bag into the stadium unless it adheres to the Wembley Stadium regulations.

Maximum size for any bag
Height: 297mm (11.7ins)
Width: 210mm (8.27 ins)
Depth: 210mm (8.27ins)

All bags will be checked at an outer cordon and a bag gauge will be used for any dispute on size. All items and correctly sized bags carried by spectators will be carefully inspected upon entry to the stadium and this may include a personal wanding or pat down.

Please note that supporters carrying bags that do not meet the criteria WILL NOT BE PERMITTED ENTRY. Bags that are half full and folded to reduce overall size will not be accepted.

Should you require a bag for medical reasons that does not adhere to this policy, you will need to CONTACT Wembley ahead of the day. You will then be issued with a certificate representing your right to take the bag into the stadium. You will be required to produce the certificate at the outer security cordon. Your bag will be searched and may be subject to an x-ray scan before you are permitted to enter.

Click HERE to read the full Wembley statement.

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