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Brighton and Burnley shared the points for the second time this season in a game full of talking points and the two managers were asked for their views after the game.

Hughton, who has been in charge at Brighton for just over 15 months, said of his team: “I was delighted with our performance and that is probably why there is such a disappointment right now because this group of lads deserved a win today against a team that were top of the table.

“In open play, we were the side that was most likely to score. At 2-1 we had opportunities to kill the game off and didn’t take them. I’m incredibly disappointed. It was a game that we deserved to win, of that I have no doubts, but Burnley showed the reasons why they are where they are. They can win games and draw games in different types of ways.

“Perhaps their physicality and their directness managed to get them in the game, but we should have been out of sight by then. We are the side that had the better chances and the better opportunities, but you have to make the most of them, otherwise what happened at the end of the game can happen.”

1415 burnley sean dyche 02 600Asked about the non-award of a goal when Michael Keane’s header went over the line, he admitted: “At the time I did not know and I still have not seen it, but I have been told that it was over the line. If that is the case then obviously that is one that we have got away with. However, I also thought that on their equalising goal there was a foul on Connor Goldson.

“At that stage the were putting a little bit of pressure on us. They were getting very direct and with the physicality and the height that they have, it made it very difficult for us and it paid off for them in the end.”

It seemed all the media wanted to talk about Joey Barton and of the two supposed second half incidents, Hughton said: “I would have to say that my first impression is that there is no doubt that he landed on Beram (Kayal) and caught him. My first impression was there was no malice, and the same with the elbow, where I think he jumped with his arms up.

“Unless I see something different, my first impression is that it is a tough physical game and we have to give as good as we get as regards the competitive side of the game.”

Sean Dyche was obviously asked about the goal that wasn’t. Last season, in the Premier League, that would have been a guaranteed goal, and he said: “I would be surprised over the next few years, with all that’s on offer in the Championship, we don’t see technology being drip fed down.

“That’s no disrespect to Leagues One and Two, because I played there, but with the enormity of the Championship and the finances it generates, I would be surprised if they don’t start looking at it.

“On days like today, when it was obvious that the ball was over the line and it doesn’t get given, you have no choice but to question the officials. Therefore, you obviously need help and I think it is appropriate at this level of the market that it comes into play.”

Having seen Andre Gray equalise and then, eventually, Michael Keane, he added: “Overall I think it was a well deserved point. I thought they played well in the first half and got their noses in front, but I felt we were strong in the second half and we always knew we had a chance.

“They have conceded 26% of their goals from set pieces, so we worked on that area and with a scratch of luck, if a linesman does his job properly, we could have nicked all three points.

“I clearly couldn’t see the goal that wasn’t given from where I am, but what I could see is a group of players that was so instant. We all know you can’t always judge a player’s reaction to an incident, but when it is that instant and literally every player acts in that way within a millisecond, then usually that’s a sign. I am very disappointed that wasn’t officiated in the correct manner.

“After that I was really pleased with the mentality of the players. We know how strong we are mentally, but that was a fantastic reaction to not be disappointed in the moment and keep plugging away.

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