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Huddersfield Town have had a difficult start to the season, but manager David Wagner has looked no further than Turf Moor for inspiration after we moved off the bottom with wins against Bournemouth and Cardiff.

“Burnley got back to back wins after a difficult start. They show that you can turn things around,” he said. “The two last results were great for them even if the performances are not. They have done their work and they have collected points.

“You are not happy if you don’t have the points you think you deserve. I have been in football long enough to know it turns. We cannot wait for someone to give us a present or for someone to do us a favour. This is not how it works.

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“Burnley is a team which is well organised and has a good work ethic. They have a fighting spirit. Last season they played less direct than they did the year before.”

Wagner is looking to establish Huddersfield as a Premier League team and added: “Both clubs have done it in different ways. They have done it in their ways, and both have been successful ways. You sometimes only need one result to look at everything totally differently. You have to be focused on what you can change and influence. This is only the result on Saturday. It is only you who can change it; no one else.

“Everyone has seen that performance-wise, how the guys played, worked, with the unity, desire and attitude you have to show to get something out of Premier League matches, that everything was there apart from the goals.

“We don’t have to change something in our philosophy or mindset. Now we really have to change these performances into points; this is what we will try to do even if we know it’s a difficult task.”

Sean Dyche has finally seen his side get a couple of wins and at yesterday’s press conference he said: “After all the grandeur of last season and finishing seventh, the start to this season has reminded everyone that it’s still tough. We’re trying to continually punch above our weight and everything that comes with that, and we’re going to have to prove what we are again.

“I think that kind of mirrors Burnley as an area, where people here have to work and fight hard for what they believe in and their jobs. We don’t really want to go too far away from that, I don’t think. It would be nice to have a bit more comfort, but I think it keeps you sharp, keeps me on my toes and the players on that edge that we need to keep finding competitive performances.”

He added: “Most of our fans really understand the club and that sounds really easy, but there’s a lot of fan-bases out there with confusion about what they think their club really is. We now have a really clear alignment, ever since those early days and we’ve been strong ever since. That must continue, because it’s a massive, massive weapon to have the fans behind us, staying strong and patient.”

Our opponents Huddersfield haven’t made the best of starts points wise, and Dyche said of them: “The second season can be tricky; that doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to be, but it’s still difficult because the feeling is different. We’ve had a version of that with the Europa League, and Huddersfield also have something similar.

“They stayed up well in the end, despite a couple of wobbly patches, like virtually everyone, and made quite a few changes to their squad. They have re-moulded things and before you know it you are off and running again and looking for that first win. It’s a massive challenge and it often feels like every game is a must win. The media want it like that, the fans want it like that and the inner camp want it, but you always have to earn the right and it’s not easy.

“We’ve killed all the stories about us off in one week, with a home win and an away win, and got some way to being back on track. Everyone knows that for a number of teams in the Premier League, and we are one of them, it’s a case of how open can you be to affect the opposition, but how closed can you be to not give the game away lightly. We are finding the balance again now and that’s a great credit to all the players.

“Now, we have to keep working on different ways of finding the right results. I still think there’s work to be done and the balance of the squad will improve as people get fit, but we’ve found a way to win again.”

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