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1819 burnley stephen ward 00 500x500So far the voting has not been close. Tom Heaton and Kieran Trippier convincingly won their places in the team of the last ten years and Stephen Ward has followed suit with an overwhelming victory in the vote to choose a left-back.

Wardy has just departed Turf Moor after five years. It took him a season and a half, through injury initially, to land himself a regular place in the side at left-back but it was a place he held for the next two and a half years before another injury so him drop out last season.

Supporters have remembered his contribution to us winning our place back in the Premier League and then keeping it with some outstanding performances from him at left-back and that won him 858 votes, an outstanding 83%.

That he couldn’t get back in the side last season after his surgery was down to the form of Charlie Taylor who improved significantly as the season went on. Who knows what the vote would look like in two or years time but Taylor, with 140 votes, came in a more than comfortable second.

There were just 38 votes left for the remaining four candidates with Danny Fox taking third place with 15 of them, followed by Brian Easton, Stephen Jordan and Danny Lafferty.

That’s three places taken in this team and the remaining eight will all come in four votes. Later today the voting will start to select the central defenders. There will be eleven to choose from and you will be able to select two from those eleven.

The Left-Back Result

83% – Stephen Ward
14% – Charlie Taylor
1% – Danny Fox
1% – Brian Easton
1% – Stephen Jordan
0% – Danny Lafferty

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