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Leeds based referee Martin Atkinson will be in charge of our home game tomorrow against Bournemouth in what will be just his fourth Turf Moor game. He’s refereed Burnley on 13 occasions but only three, a 2-0 win against Norwich in 2006/07, the play-off win against Reading and the 0-0 draw against Spurs two seasons ago, have been at home.

He’s not been a referee to over concern us in previous games. He had to contend with the floodlights going out at Crewe in his first Burnley game , other than perhaps the defeat at Wolves in 2009, and he’s been the referee on three of the four occasions we’ve won an away game in the Premier League, the one exception being the 1-0 win at Aston Villa at the end of the 2014/15 season.

He was also  the man in charge at Chelsea in that season when Jose Mourinho got himself into a state over the refereeing and the performance of Ashley Barnes. Atkinson had a very good game that day.

He sits in sixth place in RATE THE REF with a rating of 72.60 out of 100.

Atkinson had a quick rise to the Premier League, taking charge of a Manchester City v Birmingham fixture in April 2005 only two years after his Conference debut and he’s used almost exclusively at the top level now and hasn’t taken charge of a Football League game since February 2014 and he’s considered one of our top officials, refereeing three games in the Euros in France.

This season he’s refereed a World Cup qualifier in Belgium and three games in the major European competitions. He’s also refereed ten games domestically  in which there have been forty yellow cards and just the one red card.

Of the yellow cards, 21 have gone to home team players and 19 to away team players, but the one red card was a wrong decision. He yellow carded West Ham’s Aaron Cresswell twice in the space of a minute. Both were wrong decisions although there could be no appeal because of it being two yellow cards.

There were seven yellow cards in his last game, Everton’s 1-1 home draw against Swansea. Everton had all of Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Ross Barkley, James McCarthy and Kevin Mirallas carded alongside Swansea’s Kyle Naughton and Modou Barrow.

Martin Atkinson is a referee I’m usually pleased to see refereeing Burnley games. Hopefully that will still be the case tomorrow night.

The assistant referees are Adrian Holmes (West Yorkshire) and Constantine Hatzidakis (Kent). The fourth official is Neil Swarbrick (Lancashire) whose only Burnley game was the 1-0 win at Barnsley towards the end of the 2013/14 promotion season.

Previous Burnley Games – Martin Atkinson

SeasonOpponentsVResYRBurnley Players Carded
2004/05Crewea1-110Y: Whittingham
2004/05Sheffield Uniteda1-220Y: Cahill
2006/07Norwichh2-020Y: Caldwell
2008/09Tottenhama1-410Y: Duff
2009/10Wolvesa0-230Y: Gudjonsson
2009/10Boltona0-150Y: Elliott, McDonald
2009/10Hulla4-160Y: Mears
2010/11West Hama1-520Y: Rodriguez, Elliott
2014/15Stokea2-140Y: Ings, Heaton
2014/15Chelseaa1-131Y: Boyd, Kightly
2014/15Tottenhamh0-020Y: Trippier, Mee
2014/15Hulla1-010Y: Ings
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