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On 24th January, images of twelve former Burnley players, from pre-war right up to the 1960s, were installed on the wall of the Bob Lord Stand. Today phase two was completed with the addition of six more players, this time on the Jimmy McIlroy Stand.

board section 4The long running supporter led project has one more phase remaining, to add the images of thirteen players on the Longside, but today it was players from the 1960s and 1970s who had been chosen by supporters in the online poll held in August 2015, just as our promotion season was kicking off.

There was still a nervousness on my part this morning even though the first images had met with almost universal approval from supporters but again I’m delighted with the result and would once more like to thank Adam Riding from the club’s media department for the design and Aaron Diggle from Creation Signs for their excellent work in producing and installing the boards.

Jerry Dawson, Bert Freeman, Tommy Boyle, George Halley, Bob Kelly, George Beel, Harry Potts, Jimmy McIlroy, Jimmy Adamson, Brian Miller, John Connelly and Ray Pointer were the players selected for the Bob Lord Stand with Willie Irvine, Ralph Coates, Frank Casper and Martin Dobson (top picture) with Leighton James and Peter Noble (bottom picture) those added today.

Given Tottenham are our opponents tomorrow, I think it was a very appropriate day, certainly in the case of Ralph Coates who gave both our clubs magnificent service.

Again I’d like to thank all the magnificent sponsors. Without their support this project would never have got off the ground. Once again they are all listed below.

Hopefully, many of you will get the opportunity to see them tomorrow ahead of the game and we’ll have news soon on when phase three is going to be complete.

board section 5The full list of players selected, with their sponsors are:

Phase 1 (Bob Lord Stand)

Jerry Dawson – Earby Clarets
Bert Freeman – Regal Precision Engineers (Colne) Limited
Tommy Boyle – Accrington Clarets
George Halley – Accrington Clarets
Bob Kelly – Burnley Football Supporters Club
George Beel – Accrington Clarets
Harry Potts – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Jimmy McIlroy – Accrington Clarets
Jimmy Adamson – West Yorkshire Clarets
Brian Miller –
John Connelly – South West Clarets
Ray Pointer – Central Lancs Clarets

Phase 2 (Jimmy McIlroy Stand)

Willie Irvine – Earby Clarets
Ralph Coates – Trevor Hillman
Frank Casper – London Clarets
Martin Dobson – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Leighton James – Brian Speak
Peter Noble – Colne Clarets

Phase 3 (Longside Stand)

Billy Hamilton – Accrington Clarets
Trevor Steven – Accrington Clarets
Ian Britton – Burnley Football Supporters Club
David Eyres – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Gary Parkinson – Earby Clarets
Glen Little – Accrington Clarets
Andy Payton – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Robbie Blake – Accrington Clarets
Michael Duff – Burnley Football Supporters Club
Wade Elliott – North Manchester Clarets
Graham Alexander – Dave Timberlake
Jay Rodriguez – Accrington Clarets
Kieran Trippier – Earby Clarets

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