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Burnley’s last game on the south coast was the final away game of last season at Bournemouth, a game refereed by Lee Probert, and he’ll be in charge tomorrow when we make the trip to Southampton.

That game at Bournemouth was one of four Premier League games he refereed last season, all of which came in April and May. He refereed a total of 31 games during the season, mainly in the Football League, but that was a plus for him having missed the entire 2015/16 season with injury.

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This season he’s refereed ten games in total with three of them in the Premier League. He got off to a busy start, showing straight red cards to two players in the Portsmouth v Rochdale game on the opening day of the season but his most controversial game this season was the London derby between Brentford and Millwall when he came under attack from both managers after the game with Brentford’s Dean Smith, despite being on the right end of some of the poor decisions, claiming he wasn’t up to scratch.

He’s had some good games refereeing Burnley and they wipe away the dreadful game he had on the first occasion he refereed us at Plymouth when he waved his yellow card around because we hadn’t retreated ten yards at a free kick. He then paced out the ten yards and still hadn’t reached our wall but the cards still stood.

Prior to the Bournemouth game, his last Burnley game had been the 2-1 win at Leeds early in the 2013/14 promotion season when he had an outstanding game.

He’s certainly not been over busy with his cards. There have been no reds since that opening day game and only sixteen yellow cards in his ten game with nine going to home team players and seven to away team players.

Four of the six games have been yellow card free, including his last visit to St. Mary’s for the Southampton v Watford game in September.

Lee Probert is currently 9th in RATE THE REF with a rating of 67.84 out of 100.

The assistant referees are Simon Beck (Bedfordshire) and Andy Garratt (West Midlands). The fourth official is Kevin Friend (Leicestershire) whose last Burnley game was the 1-0 home win against Stoke in April, one of three Burnley games he refereed last season.

Previous Burnley Games – Lee Probert

SeasonOpponentsVResYRBurnley Players Carded
2004/05Plymoutha0-150Y: Grant, Branch, McGreal
2005/06Leicestera1-030Y: Hyde, Sinclair
2005/06Creweh3-020Y: Duff
2006/07Crystal Palacea2-210Y: Hyde
2007/08Barnsleya1-120Y: Caldwell
2008/09Birminghamh1-130Y: Carlisle, Thompson
2008/09Cardiffa1-350Y: Carlisle, Elliott, Kalvanes, Williams
2009/10Manchester Uniteda0-300
2011/12Derbyh0-050Y: Mee, Marney
2013/14Leedsa2-130Y: Jones
2016/17Bournemoutha1-210Y: Brady
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